Leveraging our rich history in footwear and fashion, ECX possesses a unique advantage in home items. While home delivery isn't strictly a business-to-business (B2B) operation, we collaborate with businesses serving consumers online or through retail outlets, drawing upon our expertise to ensure seamless delivery and customer satisfaction.

These industries rely on many of the same supply chains for source material such as fabric to produce furniture, wall and floor coverings. ECX understands how to work with Agriculture departments in governments for programs like the Lacey Act.

We ask questions to determine classification, duty rate and whether or not there are additional for antidumping or countervailing duties imposed by a government.

Above all, ECX recognizes the delicate nature of these goods, susceptible to damage or loss, and provides meticulous attention and white-glove service throughout transit. Utilizing state-of-the-art security tools, including monitored warehouses and cargo tracking, we ensure safe delivery to the destination, prioritizing the safety and integrity of our clients' shipments.

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