The fastest supply chain in the world can always be stopped by the Customs authority of the destination country. ECX Global Logistics Global offices around the world are staffed by experienced Customs brokers who understand the regulations. Documents are prepared and presented to move the goods through Customs and other regulatory agencies.


ECX Global Logistics provides door-to- door management of our customers’ supply chains. ECX origin offices receive the documents from the shipper and provides them in advance to our Customs brokers to ensure we can prepare and present documents even before the cargo has arrived.

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Binding Rulings

Request a binding ruling from Customs before shipping to receive a classification and duty rate that will not be questioned at any port of entry. A binding ruling is a way to eliminate doubt about classification.

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Duty Drawback

If you paid duty when you imported a shipment in the United States, you might be eligible to receive a refund when it is exported. Talk to one of ECX Global Logistics expert US Customs brokers about whether or not your export shipment is eligible.


If you disagree with a Customs classification, our brokerage team can work with you or your Customs attorneys to present an argument as to why you believe the goods are eligible for entry at a different classification or duty rate.

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Customs is only the lead agency at entry. Goods may require the approval of other agencies governing food, agriculture or the environment. ECX is experienced at presenting to these agencies and securing their releases.

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Compliance Management

During an audit, Customs asks questions about how a company manages its processes and to explain its compliance program. ECX has conducted mock audits and prepared compliance manuals for companies to successfully defend themselves when Customs starts asking questions.

Customs Bonds

Whether ISF, single transaction or continuous, we are preparing and filing bonds with our surety and with Customs that meet the needs of your small handful of shipments or multimillion dollar import program.

Free Trade Agreements

Each FTA, whether bilateral or regional, has its own special set of origin rules. At ECX Global Logistics, our Customs brokers pay attention to the documentary and origin requirements for reduced or duty-free treatment under these programs and work with our importers to ensure their supply chains are optimized to take advantage of these opportunities.

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