Fashion spans numerous industries, encompassing finished goods as well as components. Leveraging our expertise in department store and retail supply chains, ECX Global Logistics consistently delivers seamless operations day in and day out for these high-demand industries.

For goods in production, ECX moves garment components including fabric, zippers, buttons, clasps and ornamentation. Leather is moved from tanneries to factories in Europe and Asia to produce belts, handbags, wallets, purses and other accessories.

Fashion has demands different from other verticals. Goods must quickly speed through the supply chain for fashion shows, markets and into the hands of retailers and customers. Items are sourced with components from multiple countries with increasingly complex valuation and origin requirements. Finally, there are the concerns about confidentiality and security to protect a designer’s intellectual property and to deliver the goods to the end buyer without theft or damage.

ECX Global Logistics has been providing services to global fashion companies and design houses since we were founded in 1997. Ask ECX for a presentation on specialized solutions for fashion importers, exporters and retailers.

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